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The History of logan

Logan is the county seat of Hocking County, Ohio. Residents named the town in honor of a Mingo Indian chief. Thomas Worthington established the community in 1816. Logan was established one mile below the "great falls" of the Hockhocking River, later known as the Hocking River

Logan grew slowly, isolated from much of the state by the Hocking Hills. In 1825, approximately 250 people resided in the town. By 1840, the number of residents increased to nearly six hundred. The principal reason for this growth was the completion of the Hocking Canal to the town in 1838. In 1840, Logan contained four stores and two churches.

Over the next four decades, Logan’s population increased dramatically, with 2,666 people residing in the community in 1880. The town now had three newspaper offices, six churches, and two banks, and a railroad passed through the community. Numerous manufacturing businesses also existed in the community. The two largest employers were the railroad, with forty-five employees, and the Motherwell Iron and Steel Company, which primarily constructed bridges.

During the twentieth century, additional manufacturing companies planted their factories in Logan including the famous Logan Clay, which has been manufacturing clay pipes and masonry products for over 100 years right here in downtown Logan! For over a century Logan has also served as a major tourist destination, bringing in tourists from countries around the world to view the beautiful caves, forests, and foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  


Today, many locals find employment in tourism-related businesses. Numerous residents operate bed and breakfasts or work in hotels or restaurants to meet the needs of tourists visiting the Hocking Hills State Park. Numerous natural wonders exist in Hocking County and in the park, including the Cantwell Cliffs, Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls, Ash Cave, and Rock House, drawing over 3 million visitors to the region to relax and enjoy the natural, artistic and cultural assets and rural lifestyle we have to offer visitors and residents.  For a true one of a kind experience, plan to visit the Columbus Washboard Company, the last U.S. manufacturer of washboards and distributor of fine home and bath products.  The gift shop features washboards, memorabilia and a new line of vintage soaps.  The reception area within the Museum and Gift Shop offers a WiFi hotspot, along with snacks and beverages. 

Who We Are

Logan Town Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to the economic and cultural vitality of Logan’s original town center for the enjoyment and benefit of the residents and visitors in the Hocking Hills. Logan's "Town Center", from where our organization's name is derived, is the traditional business and residential neighborhood at the heart of the City of Logan, the seat of Hocking County.  The area comprises more than half of the area of the original town of Logan, platted in the summer of 1816 as a personal venture by former U.S. Senator Thomas Worthington, who was then finishing the first of two terms as Ohio's governor.  The town is said to have been named by its citizens for Chief Logan of the Mingo Indians.  Chief Logan was the author of “Logan's Lament.”

Main Street and the surrounding neighborhoods continue to be the center of business, government, fine historic homes, churches, and cultural and historical destinations in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio.  Our business district is anchored by the Logan - Hocking County District Library, the Hocking County Historical Museum, The Bowen House community arts and education center, and City and County government offices.  It also provides unique destinations like the Washboard Factory, and friendly locally owned shops, restaurants and family friendly activities.

Membership and committees

Officers and members of other organizations, such as the Hocking County Historical Society, are also actively involved in Logan Town Center.  Click here to fill out a membership form for you or your business (takes 2-3 minutes). Click here to see some of the benefits of joining!

There are 4 standing committees, each chaired by a board member (whose contact information is listed above).

  • The Membership Committee is chaired by Sheila Wolfe.  Members include Vicki Hedges.

  • The Marketing Committee is chaired by Karen Raymore.  Members include James Martin and Jim Wagner.

  • The Events Committee is chaired by Sheila Wolfe.  Members include various Town Center members.

  • The Political Action Committee is chaired by Jane McAdow.  Members include Judie Henniger and Rick Webb.

We have not yet found the resources to fund a paid program director to coordinate and support the work of our volunteers, but this remains a priority goal of Logan Town Center.

meet our team
Sheila Wolfe

Logan Theater

(740) 385-2140

Mary Leffler

Vice President

(740) 385-2348  Ex:23

Judy Wolfe


(740) 385-5231

Carol Goss


(740) 385-8561

Andy Good


(740) 385-6836

Audrey Martin

Director,  HHTA Rep.

(740) 385-2750

Sandra Ogle

Director, Commissioner Rep.

(740) 808-2665

Judie Henniger

Director, City Rep.

(740) 974-1994 

Ann Rolston

Board Member

(740) 603-5671

Heidi Rimkus

Board Member

(740) 385-8575

Marilyn Poindexter

Board Member

(740) 385-9508

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